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Lucien's War (The Brothers of Menace, 3)

Raven's Hell (Savages, 2)

She was forbidden, but that didn’t stop Lucien from wanting her.

Lucien Silver is the president of The Brothers of Menace MC. He knows he screwed up three months ago by letting the daughter of the VP of his club stay at his house. Callie is young and off limits, and although nothing happened between them, he should have told Kink. He may want her desperately, but having her would be a betrayal.

Callie wants Lucien, and she knows he wants her, too. But being with him would cause bad blood between her dad and Lucien. She doesn’t want club relationships ruined, but her feelings for him grow, and she knows she  can’t stay away.

When Kink catches Lucien with Callie all hell bee breaks loose. Lifelong friendships are tested, blood is spilled, and anger and pain become one.

 Lucien and Callie must decide if being together is worth it all.

Coming Dec 2014

Collin Suthers was a former kingpin of the underground world. Dealing in all things illegal, he revealed in the depraved acts he committed. But that world is now gone, and in its place is a vicious hell. Being savage is the only way to survive, and finding a woman that can help alleviate the solitude and isolation that plague him is what he is now after.

Rebecca Shaw is a survivor. But then three men ambush her, and she knows she can’t take them all on. But then a stranger shows up and takes them out with little effort. She wonders if this possessive side Collin shows toward her is more dangerous than what is out in the world.

Collin won’t leave Rebecca. He can’t. This world isn’t safe any longer, and when it comes to something he wants, he doesn’t give up until it’s his. And he wants Rebecca.